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Diamond Floor Grinding 

Using varying diamond tools and grit sizes a range of floor finishes can be achieved. Diamond grinding can also be used to remove old coatings and to reduce floor levels. Diamond grinding leaves a smooth and flat surface with fine circular score marks, which are a perfect anchor or key for a thin coating, to guarantee a long life without de-bonding.

Grinding technique through diamond discs which doesn't generate any vibration They are often used as a first step before floor polishing Ideal for leveling any uneven floors without having to remove too much material Perfect for the removal of old paints / coatings / glues Allows you to reduce the amount of coating required (paint or resin) for your new floor Can be used for grinding confined areas, corners and edges
Typical Applications:

Renovation of industrial floors.
Removal of older flooring materials, coatings or dirt. 
Preparing floors to create adhesion for subsequent coatings giving better resistance to wear.