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Hall Industrial- Floor Stripping & Scraping

Tedious scraping with flimsy hand scrapers can be a thing of the past. You may no longer find a jack hammer the most efficient way to remove tile, tile mortar and grout beds. Even removing tough mastics and stripping adhered membranes and floor coverings are no match for power scraping large areas using our ride-on scraping machines.

With attachments to match particular job requirements these easily-maneuverable brutes make quick work of those tough jobs.

Scrapers can easily remove:
- Rubber and elastomeric coatings
- Carpet, Ceramic tile, and VCT
- Thin-set mortar and mastics
- Epoxy, adhesives and more

Our electric powered, ride-on scraping machines will make removing flooring materials much easier, faster and more effective.
Different scraping teeth or blades, some with scoring flanges, are designed for various removal applications from carpet to tile, to wood, to VCT and more.

Weighing up to 750kg, with weights are attached, this machine will quickly clear large areas often up to 10 times quicker than conventional walk-behind machines. This can be vital when refurbishing retail floors outside of trading hours.