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Milling & Planning Joints

We have adapted our milling / planning machines to create joints in both concrete and asphalt in preparation for our clients to bridge or band joints so they can have seamless floors with piece of mind. With our Large Airtec ride on planner we can plane out the joints in the asphalt on our roads and motorways.

Milling Machine for Asphalt and Concrete

- Scarifying of old surfaces (concrete and asphalt) - Preparing of roads and pavement 
- Milling and Scarifying right up to an edge
- Removing of markings and thermoplastics

The heart of the RR-300 E is a solid drum body with mounted tungsten spikes. Milling drums for many different surfaces can be used on the RR-300 E. The Fine-Milling-Drum allows an optimal removal of markings. The detailed control-board allows an easy handling of the RR-300 E. Milling depth and engine speed can be easily adjusted. The motor tools are easy to access. The compact and lightweight construction allows the RR-300 E to be easily transported.


Sawing Joints (Small, custom Work)


This is a Hilti Chaser which we use for doing small saw cuts in finished floors for our customers to install mastic joints. This is a tidy and very accurate tool that creates the minimum amount of dust while used in conjunction with a vacuum. It can be fitted with a pair of blades to give a wider cut or with a V-blade for opening existing joints or cracks.
Hall Industrial prides itself on being able to skillfully deliver this service with the smallest of details catered for. Our Hilti Chasers and operators give us this ability. 


Sawing Joints (Large Scale Work) 


The Three Phase Floor Saw is perfect for a larger project. Like the handheld Hilti saw, this can have a combination of discs installed to give a wide range of results.
We have straight edge cuts or V-type cuts used to open up existing saw cuts or cracks. We recommend this is used with a three motor vac as it will produce a minimum amount dust.

The CS 230 can be fitted with either one or two diamond blades that can be spaced up to 40mm apart using spacers provided. The blade guard is articulated and fully floating, ensuring that the cutting operation is dust free even when raising / lowering in and out of the cut.

Typical Applications

- Sawing of floor slabs

- Road trenching and repairs 
- General concrete / asphalt cutting 
- Joint cutting and chasing