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Soda Blasting

Soda blasting is like grit blasting, however it is less aggressive. It is much less likely to damage the surface and so can be used to strip window frames whilst leaving the glass in situ. It is used a lot for the restoration of cars, as it does not heat or etch the metal. Soda is environmentally friendly and dissolves in water, which also helps with the clean up process.
Typical Applications

Cleaning masonry or soft stone, protected statues or historical monuments. 
Clean delicate surfaces after fire or smoke damage. Stripping off coatings from timber.
Removal of antifouling from boats. 
The restoration of cars. 
Removal of carbon buildup. 
Graffiti Removal.

Open Blasting

This is an open method of blasting which is generally used on vertical areas, iron gates and railings, plant machinery or stonework. This aggressive cleaning can remove rust or strip old plaster off historical buildings. By using different medias, it can be used for different results.Traditionally, this was known as sand blasting. Today, several other media options are used, such as crushed glass, copper slag, walnut shell, angular steel grit, garnet, etc.

Typical Applications 

Exterior of stone buildings.
Removal of coatings from metal architecture. 
Removal of rust from metal architecture. 
Cleaning / polishing of aluminium, copper and other metals.

Cleaning / Jetting

We can offer our customers a pressure washing service of up to 5000 psi, hot or cold.It's ideal for the removal of all grease and dirt from stone before the application of stone sealers.The treatment is commonly used to eliminate traffic dirt, the buildup of grime, or on weathered buildings,prior to restoration work.

Typical Applications:

Clean up of pavings.
Exterior cleanup of buildings.
Interior clean up in manufacturing areas, such as the food industry.
Graffiti Removal.
Light preparation for painting contractors.